MAGA Revival for #Trump2020 at the White House


Sign up today for the #MAGArevival March for #Trump2020 at the White House on September 28th!

**UPDATED FLYER** We will meet at 2 pm at Lafayette Park. If you would like to volunteer to help us please let us know.

Washington DC – September 16, 2019 – Report by: Dr. June Knight

On Saturday, September 28, 2019 from 2 pm to 5 pm, Christians will gather from all over the country to show the world that they are not backing off of President Trump. The support for him is increasing in rapid numbers within the church.

At this event, the Christian leaders will lock arms and surround the White House in solidarity to give a visual representation to America that the Christians support our President for his #Trump2020 re-election campaign. The Gideon’s Army of 300 Christian Leaders will gather to stand, sing, blow the trumpets/shofars and pray. This group of Christians will declare to the world that the church is even stronger now in their support of President Donald J. Trump.

In our nation we have 24/7 prayer networks praying for our President. We have churches, homes, meeting facilities, etc., with the Christians praying for our President and his administration. At this event, the Christians will show that the church is firm in its position and will be proactive in the Trump 2020 Campaign.